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Faerieland Employment Agency Guide

The Faerieland Employment Agency (also known as the FEA) is an item quest agency which rewards NPs. As you can complete 10 jobs per day, it can be a great source of income. It may be daunting if you don't know where to start - but we're here to help!

As you land on the main page, you may feel intimidated by the overload of colours and information. This page simply explains that each 'job' is a fetch quest. If you bring x amount of items, you will be rewarded NP. The trick is finding jobs which have the highest profit margins.

In general, it is wise to stockpile any items you get from your dailies. This means any omelettes, jellies, or morphing potions you win from the Wheel of Excitement - as these can be profitable job items. Keep them tucked away in your Safety Deposit Box for later!

TIP: Omelette jobs are generally only profitable if you use free omelettes from your dailies, rather than buying them.

Now, let's explore the different navigation tabs.

Basic Jobs

When you click the Basic Jobs tab, you will be taken to a page of job listings. These are item quests which you can do anytime. Here is an example of a profitable job to look out for:

A Crazy Crisp Taco is a food item which is regularly stocked in Faerie Foods. If you have all 4 of the required items in your inventory, click Apply for this job. You will be granted a time bonus the faster you complete it. The longer you take, the less profit you will earn - so be prepared to hand in your jobs!

What is a profitable job?

It can be hard to tell which jobs to do, and which items to collect. For your convenience, Rose and Sari have created a FEA Spreadsheet on Basic Jobs. Click the pages below to view full-size.

The pages above suggest job items which are very profitable. You can choose whatever shop and whatever items you would like to restock. For example, you may wish to restock at Tyrannian Petpets and buy as many Uggatrips as possible.

Let's say you haggle a bit and buy 5 Uggatrips for 400 NP each. That means you spent 2000 NP to buy all of the required job items. Next, you will want to find a job with a high base reward:

Always aim for quests which offer the highest base reward. Remember, listings refresh every 10 minutes. You can take as much time as you like to choose which job to accept. Patience can be rewarding!

TIP: Users who redeem their Newbie Pack receive two starter paint brushes. Rather than using the brushes, redeem them for NPs when they appear on the Basic Jobs page.

Super Jobs

The Super Jobs tab brings you to job listings which require Job Coupons to accept. Super Jobs are much trickier to use. For new users, it's much easier to do 10 basic jobs a day than attempt Super Jobs. That being said, Super Jobs have the potential to be much, much more profitable. Here are some helpful things to keep in mind:

  • Job Coupons can be won from the Wheel of Excitement and the Wheel of Knowledge
  • Be sure have the Job Coupon in your inventory before accepting a job, or it will not work
  • Only have one Job Coupon in your inventory at a time. This will ensure the wrong coupon isn't used on accident
  • Job Coupons are sorted by colour. Gold Brightvale Job Coupon is the highest 'tier' of coupon, while Green Job Coupon is the lowest
  • A Job Coupon can be used on any job of that tier or lower. For example, you could use a Blue Job Coupon for a Blue Job or a Green Job. When you use a Job Coupon, it will turn into a lower tier in your inventory
  • You can earn some Super Job items through dailies. These include omelettes, Blizzard Rings (rare prizes from Faeries Fortune & Icetravaganza Scratchcards), and Quiggle Plushies (Race to Riches & Terror Trove Scratchcard prizes)

    Below is a list of all coupons, ranked in order from the highest to lowest tier:

    Gold Brightvale Job Coupon (highest)
    Silver Brightvale Job Coupon
    Bronze Brightvale Job Coupon
    Green Brightvale Job Coupon
    Pink Job Coupon
    Purple Job Coupon
    Gold Job Coupon
    Silver Job Coupon
    Red Job Coupon
    Blue Job Coupon
    Green Job Coupon (lowest)