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Kiko A rather inquisitive Kiko drops by and hands you: Random Events Guide. What a nice fellow!

Random Events Guide

Random Events are one of the most beloved features of the classic Neopets experience. As one can expect, these events are totally randomized and can appear as you explore Neopia.

Some Random Events have good effects, and can grant you with NP or items (yes, including Morphing Potions and Paint Brushes!). Some can have negative effects, like stealing NP. Most RE's have no effects at all.

On Neopets Classic, Random Events are approximately every 8 minutes from the last one you had. Many users use timers or timer scripts to keep track of time intervals. They do not appear exactly on time, however, and you may need to refresh many times. As there are few current ways to earn NP, RE's can be a very solid source of income.

Please note that Avatars and Faerie Quests are separate from RE's.

The staff of Kiko Lake are currently creating a database of all random events. Stay tuned!