Kiko Lake - Userscripts

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A collection of handy userscripts designed to save you time or otherwise improve your experience on Neopets Classic!

All scripts have been designed for use with Tampermonkey and have been tested for use on Chrome and Firefox.

If you encounter any issues please ensure you disable any other userscripts active on the page that might be causing conflicts before reporting an issue with a script.


Missing Avatar Checker
Shows you a list of missing avatars along with their solutions on the Avatars and Neoboard Preferences pages.

Missing Stamp Checker
Shows you a list of missing stamps on your album pages.

Search Helpers / Misc

Shop Wizard Helper
Selects "Identical to my phrase" by default at the Shop Wizard.

Faerie Quest Helper
Adds search helper icons below the item when a random Faerie Quest event appears.

Quest Button Simplifier
Makes it easy to turn in items and start new Kitchen, Snow Faerie and Time Machine Quests by adding buttons.