Kiko Lake - Hard To Find Links

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Hard to find links

Here's a bunch of handy dandy links:

NPC Specific links:

Current site polling for the progression of the Neopets Classic project!

Collection Log
Are you a collector and looking for a handy reference on what you've got on your account? Here's your clickable guide!

Event Exchange
Some site events use this specific currency swap similar to the trading post.

Event Pouch
See what event currency you have available. Site event currency goes directly to your event pouch when acquired.

Event Shop
Time to redeem that event currency? Here's your store!

Strange Fragment Repair
Donny's toy repair shop is just the place to take those five broken strange fragments to get an account-bound pet token!

NPC has its very own gardening plots. Plant and harvest seeds, will you get trash... or treasure?

Lucy's Gardening Homestead
Lucy owns the gardens and can tell you if you have something that will help your garden flourish.

Grundo's Workshop
Home of the Garbage Grinder - Get your junk turned into recycle points!!

Harder to find Original Links

Event Inbox
If you think you missed something on your notifications, click here to check.

Item Inbox
Did you get an item and clear the event without accepting it? Just wanna see how many items got sent? Click here to figure that out.

Secret Map Turn in
This handy link should cover any map turn in's that you need to do!

Zap a Pet
Entrance to the pet laboratory! Requires map completion. Zap at your own risk!

Zap a Petpet
Entrance to the petpet laboratory! Requires map completion. Does NOT require pet lab for NPC!

Advent Calendar
Only works during the month of celebrating (December).

Krawk Fungus Cave
Legend says some Krawk pets come from this area.

Draik's Nest
A Draik egg might find this as the perfect spot to incubate.

Wanna feed some Kads but too lazy to walk through the neopian plaza? Here's a shortcut.

Alien Aisha Vending (Nerkmids)
Redeem your nerkmids... good luck!

Stamp Collecting
Stamps! Found here.

Soup Faerie
free food for needy pets!

Quickly ADOPT the pet you want from the pound by changing the name in the HTML bar!

Secret Ninja Training School For pets level 250+.

The Hidden Tower hidden? Not so much now!

Meridell Rubbish Dump A great place for fresh trash... or treasure?!