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Dec 3rd 2023

Happy Birthday NPC!

Our site's birthday is today, so the birthday theme will be default on all accounts today!

    Our server upgrade is complete! Be aware of any new bugs and be sure to report them if they persist through updates!
    Time to check out Patch Notes for any updates you might have overlooked.
    A new Wishlist feature is now available - keep track of your needs and wants!
    Congratulations to our users who found some new pets to care for during the recent Pound Release!!

Stay tuned for more!!

Dec 1st 2023

End of year wrap up!

Hello NPC! We bring you a few reminders & some small site updates!

Applications are open again!

Starting December 1st, the following will happen:
    The craft stall will close up shop to prepare for a new vendor. Last call for boba!!
    Halloween candy will no longer be dropping. The Wanderer Camp will remain open for two more weeks, closing on December 14th.
    The Advent Calendar will be up and running! Grab your daily gift throughout the month of December.
    To kick off the month of giving, we will be hosting another NPC giveaway!
    Wishlistsare now available for your use, just in time for the giving season!

If you have ever thought about contributing artistically to NPC, applications are now open! We are looking for individuals that can accurately and consistently match the "neopets" style and are comfortable with constructive criticism to keep consistency. Fill out the following form & attach some examples of your work. Neopet specific examples are very helpful!

A few important reminders: The Rules Page has been updated! Please be sure to look them over and continue to follow them closely. These rules are put in place to create a safe, fun, and enjoyable environment for us all.

If you were affected by the time warp and received Rusty Lever pulls, be sure to use them up by March 1st, 2024!

28th November 2023

Xweetok Day and Usul Day!

Celebrated together this year, Pastel Xweetok and Angel Xweetok team up with three fun new usul colors!

A little angel friend has tagged along for the celebration! Angel Meowclops is now paintable at the petpet puddle!

Nov 12th 2023

Happy Harvestfest Neopia! New Locations!

The Crossroads is a new location connecting a few neighboring lands!

Be sure to visit Harvestfest Stall for a chance to snag some unique gifts!

Posted on Oct. 31st

Gardening Returns!

The long awaited re-release of neogardens is here!

Please help us out by reporting bugs to the Bug Reports channel as we continue to work out all the quirks with the newly coded gardening!

Be sure to visit Lucy, she'll give you some pointers and she can explain what all the gardening items do!

Posted on Oct. 31st

Happy Halloween!/

Celebrate Halloween with the new Halloween Chomby and the Revamped Halloween Poogle!

The halloween site theme is available and will be available through spooky maps completion as well!

Be sure to visit the Wanderer's Camp to participate in this year's event!

These traveler's will be hunting for the elusive Werelupe Woods, a new location that will be available for all to explore should they be successful! They'll need your help though, as in order to whet their appetite for adventure you'll first have to satiate their hunger for candy! You'll see your event item inventory in the Event Pouch.

Posted on Oct. 29th

Korbat Day!

Desert and Pastel Korbats are now paintable at the rainbow pool if you're luck enough to have a brush!

Halloween is fast approaching, what other goodies may be coming?

Posted on Oct. 26th

Symol Day

To celebrate Symol Day we bring you six new colour options!

It's no coincidence those Symols are in a pyramid formation.. for today we bring you Pyramids!! It's classic Pyramid Solitaire, with a Lost Desert flavour!

Remove all of the cards from the Pyramid, and you could win big! There are two different trophies to earn, so try to raise that score.

Posted on Oct. 21st


If you are feeling witty you might try to think of something for our latest Caption Contest.

Grab your magnifying glass and map of Neopia - there's a new Mystery Picture! Submit your best guess for your chance at a piece of a Neopoints pool and a prize! The answer to the last one was 'Haunted Woods - The Brain Tree'.

The Petpet Protection League is back for another weekly surprise as we announce our winner for Week 82 - Plumpy!

Posted on Oct. 17th

Jetsam Day!

Pastel jetsam will be awful hard to see underwater!

Some new jetsam items have arrived!

Did you get a prize code for the redemption center (hint, it's on the site!)? Enter it here!!
As a reminder, this can only be redeemed on your main acccount!

Posted on Oct. 16th

Trading Cards!!!

The original Neopets TCG collection that you may be familiar with had some limitations. We believe we have addressed those issues to create a unique collecting experience.

Collect 'till your heart's content without dipping into your real-world savings for rare item codes. On Neopets Classic, cards can be obtained through booster packs that stock at the Collectable Card Shop, as well as through random events.

Get that high score trophy!

Grab your booster packs at The collectible card shop. But like any collector's item, they're going fast!!

These cards are Trade Only! You'll have to swap them to complete your collections.
Start at the Trading Card Post designed specifically for cards!

Also, if you wind up with just plain too many of any card, our pal Mack can swap them out. One man's trash is another man's come up, right?

There's also the release of five new secret avatars can be found on the site and a new Mystery Pic!

Posted on Oct. 15th

Bori Day!

Angel and Pastel Boris are available now!

The color Pastel and the Pastel Paint Brush have been added to the game.

We have some fanciful angel morphing potions restocking at Kauvaras magic shop now!

Gwalla can now be painted angel as a petpet colour!

Posted on October 13th.... Whoops!
Looks like we've got some catching up to do! See the live site for actual posted dates!
Thanks for bearing with us on our news update absences.

Eyrie Day!

And the official pronouciation guide is in now too!
Try it out!

The chocolate ball!

Grarrl Day!

Neopedia Time!

Skeith Day!

Pet Sorting Options for ULs
Did you know you can now sort your pets on your userlookup?
Head to pet central and then to your quick ref page, and in the top few lines it should now read:
To sort and categorise your Neopets, click here.
From there, you can also read the following:
If you'd like to sort your Neopets into categories for better organisation, you can do so here.
Once youve added some categories, you can name those categories and sort your pets even within those categories! Youll find that option under the selected pets for the groups.

Posted on Sept 20th

Faerie Festival!

It's time once again for the Faerie Festival and to celebrate, Queen Fyora is sending each Neopian on a free quest once per day!

Oh my! Catamara, Bloop, and Alkenore can now be painted Faerie in celebration of the festival!

Posted on Sept 19th

Poogle Parade!

Valentine Poogle is here to spead love across Neopia!

Be sure to keep an eye out for these cute new books!

Posted on Sept 19th

Caption Contest!!!

NEW GAME! - Caption Contest is live! Can you think of something witty to bag yourself a shiny trophy and some Neopoints? It's Poogle Day, after all, so what better image than one featuring a Poogle?

Posted on Sept 16th

Mystery Pic!

Grab your magnifying glass and map of Neopia - there's a new Mystery Picture! Submit your best guess for your chance at a piece of a Neopoints pool and a prize! The answer to the last one was 'Wing of Island Draik'.

Posted on Sept 13th

Techo Day!

Alien Techo makes one small step for Techo while Angel Techo descends from the skies from above Neopia!

Retro White and Sketch Techo are here as a blast from the past!

Posted on Sept 10th


Tired of licking stamps? Craving a new form of collectible? We've got you covered! Introducing NeoDecks!!!

To accompany the release of NeoDecks, the Collectable Card shop is now stocking!

Posted on Sept 9th

Draik Day!

Angel and Valentine Draiks make their arrival

Posted on Sept 7th, 11 PM NST

More Flash Games!

Again we bring you and additional 10 more classic games! You can find these great new games live now in the games room.

Three new NPC exclusive avatars have been added! Collect them all!
And some adorable Angel petpets also exclusive to NPC are now live!

The Petpet Protection League is back for another weekly surprise as we announce our winner for Week 76 - Rotten Egg!

Posted on Aug 31st

Annual Usuki Doll Convention

Usuki gets a new style, the Usuki Jubjub

And Malevolent Sentient has been added as a colour! Introducing the MS Shadow Usul.

Kyrii day brings us our exclusive Polycount and Angel kyrii and the lovely timeless Sketch and Silver colours!

Posted on Aug 24th, 2 AM NST

It's time for a celebration that's out of this world as Grundo Independence Day is upon us once again!

To start things off on a delicious note, if you've got a sweet tooth then perhaps Custard Grundo will satiate your appetite! If you're lucky enough you can get this creamy colour on your Grundo by hitting it with the Secret Lab Ray. IF you can find it, that is!

Next, to help keep up with the summer heat, you can give your Grundo a new Lost Desert look! Desert Grundo is here and you can give your Grundo this great new design if you happen to get your hands on a Lost Desert Paint Brush.

Descending from the clouds above Neopia comes a new Retro Grundo!!! Retro Faerie Grundo has floated down (and through time) for the celebration! Shooting your Faerie Grundo with a Retro Ray Gun will give it this classic and special sparkled look!

We also have a few Grundo-themed items added to the site!
This weeks Petpet Protection League is back for another winner for Week 74 - Teasqito!

Posted on Aug 22nd, 5 AM NST

Meerca Day! (Late)

Delicious Custard and Chocolate Meerca's aarive in neopia!

Remember, training with the Captain is free on respective pet days!
And there's some new meerca items on site now too!

Posted on Aug 13th, 7 PM NST

More Flash Games!

Again we bring you and additional 12 more classic games! You can find these great new games live now in the games room.

Posted on Aug 10th, 12 AM NST

New Quests!

Island Kitchen Quests!

Visit the Underwater Chef and help him make the perfect meals!

With the release of Kitchen Quests we have now limited the combined number of quests (Kitchen, Snow Faerie and Time Machine) that can be completed each day to 20.

This week's PPL is the Grey Snowbunny!

Posted on Aug 8th, 10 PM NST

Blumaroo day!

This lovely Valentine Blumaroo is here to bounce away your troubles!

Remember, training with the Captain is free on respective pet days! And there's some new blumaroo items on site now too!

Posted on Aug 5th, 10 PM NST

More Flash Games!

After a few patches to enhance the games room update, today we bring you 12 more classic games! You can find these great new additions live now in the games room.

We have a new spotlight contest available at Spotlights and Contests!
Escape from Meridell Castle Spotlight is now live!

Bagatelle is now open too!
Get your 20 plays in towards the jackpot!

Posted on Aug 3rd, 11 PM NST

Flash Games Go-Live

They're here!

We're able to bring you a massive update to the NPC Games Room including a whopping 25 classic Flash games - avatars, trophies and all!!! Just as back in the day you'll get 3 score submissions per game, per day. These games should be exactly the same as you remember them!!

We've put a lot of work into this massive update so we hope you enjoy!
A list of all live games can be found below :

Before heading to the Games Room please do be aware of a few known bugs:
The 'Restart Game' button after submitting a score does not work. Refresh to restart!
Destruct-O-Match II's submit score box returns gibberish. The score does submit, however!
Playing on the 'low' quality will result in some letters disappearing from some games.

Our Trophy Cabinet is now open and will show all your trophies just like the old times!
You can view your high scores now here, at My High Scores for just your games!

As a reminder, games can award NP and sometimes other prizes, so they should only be played on your main account!

Posted on Aug 1st, 1 AM NST


Games and Applications re-open!

If you're active in our Discord you've probably seen the screenshots of our new gameroom!
We are hoping to have these games live to you before too long and release them in batches as they come out.

Also, applications are now open!
If you've applied, we hope to respond to everyone as soon as possible. You'll receive an email with your status when it's been reviewed.

Patch notes:
  • You can now select interests to display on your user lookup under My Profile!
  • You can also list your pronouns (or leave blank for do not show) on your user lookup!
  • You can set your User Status under your Site Preferences! If you don't want your status displayed select Do Not Display.
  • We've added the Flash/HTML toggle to Site Preferences as well.

  • Posted on July 29th, 11 PM NST

    Ruki Day!!

    Ruki day includes Glass, Orange, and Stone

    New mystery pic!

    Posted on July 27th, 12 PM NST

    Peophin Day! And it's a hot one!

    Peophin day brings us the Mutant Peophin

    You can transform one of these oodles with a peophin transmogriphication potion!

    And in the spirit of the scorching weather, we've got a Retro Fire Eyrie now available!

    You'll just need a fire eyrie and a retro ray gun for this snazzy fellow!

    Posted on July 27th, 6 AM NST

    New games!

    Test your Strength and Coconut Shy are ready to play!!
    We look forward to many more flash games incoming in the following months!

    This week's new mystery pic is live:

    And the PPL has a new petpet to recognize:

    Posted on July 25th

    We are hosting another round of giveaways today!!!

    There will be a giveaway roughly every 3-4 hours for the next 24 hours! If you'd like to be notified of the drops make sure to join the Discord server and grab the GifterPings role from the #role-chooser channel!

    Items can be found in the money tree, in the auction house, and in NPCGifter's trades.

    Please remember to leave some items for others!! While it won't be strictly enforced, please limit yourself to how many items you are grabbing, offering on, an bidding on so that others may have a chance.

    Have fun and good luck!!

    Posted on July 18th, 11:00 PM NST

    Kiko and Tuskanniny Days!

    Grey and Gold Kikos.. and a little friend!

    An interesting critter has shown up... along with more items which you can find on site.

    Shadow and Orange Tuskaninny

    And some new unique tuskaninny items (and more on site)!

    Posted on June 17th, 11:00 PM NST

    New content, the Stock Market!

    It's finally here, introducing the long awaited NPC Stock Market.

    With the right investments, you might find yourself with a new avatar too!

    Posted on July 14th, 9:00 AM NST
    New games and features!

    What's better on these hot days than a trendy, tasty drink?
    A new vendor has set up shop at the Craft Stall.

    We now have Scorchy Slots! Win NP, faeries, and treasure map pieces from this crazy slot machine.
    Also, if you complete the Volcano feature, you'll win an extra prize!

    Spin, spin!

    Our Games Room which is now fully functional, with more games to follow soon!

    Jhuidah the Island Faerie has arrived with her Magical Cooking Pot.
    If you place suitable gifts inside it she may bless you with a very rare spectacular item!

    And last but not least, a brand new avatar could be all yours!

    Posted on July 13th, 12:00 AM NST

    Flotsam day and Ixi Day!

    Strawberry and Orange Flotsams!

    Some fun new flotsam items (even more on site)!

    Gold and Custard Ixi

    And some newly released Ixi items (even more on site)!

    This week's PpPL is Baby Fireball!

    Posted on July 1st, 5:00 PM NST

    Acara Day and Wrapping up Rainbow month!

    Acara day brings Valentine, Desert, and Gold!

    A few new Acara plushies and an art refresh on our Valentine Paint Brush!

    Lots of lovely rainbow petpets are now paintable at the rainbowpool.

    Posted on July 1st, 5:00 AM NST

    Applications are now open and Discord Verification is now Automated!

    Sign up for Neopets Classic:

    We have updated our Discord verification system to make it as simple as possible.
    Click here to start linking your account to complete your discord access!

    Along with this, you may have noticed new medals under certain users' site trophies!

    Another New Mystery Picture competition this week.

    Posted on June 24th, 5:00 PM NST

    A moooooving new Valentine Kau, a Rainbow Retro Kougra, and some stylish art refreshes have landed in neopia!

    Also, we have a new Mystery Picture competition this week.

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