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Posted on May, 28th, 11:00 AM NST

There is a sense of static electricity in the air where they've finished up construction in the space station.
You can now grind up your items through a seperate door in Virtupets Space Station.

Maybe you should explore around there...

You can get rid of your old junk there at least.

But you might need to convince the guard to let you in.

The Pet Pet Protection League is finally back!
This week joins back with Week 62 - Xepru!

Posted on May, 28th, 6:00 AM NST

Yurble Day
A new zap only color, Alien Yurble, is here! And it's dusty desert friend too!

Posted on May, 27th, 7:00 PM NST

So... Many... Updates!!!!

For starters, we now have the neopian lottery! Grab your 20 tickets today!

Followed by Tyranu? Evavu? - guess over or under with this fun card game, and maybe snag a trophy for you userlookup.

Some new QOL features include an obtainable Kad Sack and Fishing Bucket

These items have some unique properties...! You'll have to obtain them and read the on-site news for more info.

Your pet's pets can also obtain Petpetpets now! There's quite a few that have shown up, but here are a few!

The Bython emerges into Neopia today:

And the Talpidat has some lovely new colors!!

The Faeries are celebrating the warmer weather and you can get a free quest from
Queen Fyora every day this week!!

There are also many plastic neggs lurking through random events this week! Try to collect them!

Posted on May, 25th, 6:00 AM NST

Moehog Day (Late) and Koi Day!
Koi day comes in with a splash with two new colors.

Glowing, and Desert koi are swimming around now!

Moehog day was a little late due to art staff illness, but they're here now!
Valentine, Desert, and Split moehogs are now paintable.

Posted on May, 22nd, 12:00 PM NST

QOL Updates

Visiting the National Neopian Bank now allows you to exchange your no-trade tokens for different no-trade tokens!
If you've amassed too many no-trade pet tokens from your dailies, you can swap them for Inventory Tokens (no trade) and Name Change Tokens (no trade)!

Patch notes:
  • You can now use K, M, and B to represent thousand, million, and billion in several input boxes across the site!
  • You can once again set a maximum increment for auctions.
  • You can now cancel your auctions as long as there are no bids and it has been live for less than 10 minutes.
  • Winter and Tyrannian Random Events have been added to the winter and tyrannian pages and shops!

  • Posted on May, 17th, 7:00 PM NST

    Tyrannian Day

    Tyrannian Bruce has arrived! Find yourself a tyrannian paint brush and a bruce and you'll get this cutie!

    There are now tyrannian random events... including this suspicious looking box..

    These pets took a trip to the groomer and have received an art refresh!

    Posted on May, 14th, 12:00 PM NST

    New features:

    Do you want do spin the most Mediocre Wheel in all of neopia? Now's your chance!

    Looking for something a little more exciting?
    You can search for Buried Treasure every three hours. Get Digging!

    Additionally, you might find this Supreme Pet Day Gift Bag while browsing around neopia...

    There might be some very interesting items in this bag!

    Posted on May, 4th, 4:00 PM NST

    Hissi Day
    Strawberry hissi, Speckled Hissi, and Jelly Hissi!!

    Some lovely hissi items (more on the site!) were released today:

    Posted on May, 3rd, 7:00 PM NST

    Lupe Day
    Snot and Usuki Lupes are now available!

    Additionaly there are tons of new lupe items in game, so keep and eye out for some adorable plushies and new morphing potions!

    Posted on May, 3rd, 4:00 PM NST

    Server Transfer Complete, Mystery Island's Techo Mountain Erupts!!!

    The new server is active! NPC is now enjoying faster restocks and less downtime.
    Many thanks to our supporters for making this move possible.

    It looks like the server change has caused the mystery island volcano to become active, it appears to have spewn lava flow all through the abandoned city of Geraptiku.

    Should you choose to adventure into the old city, you might find some Deserted Ruins...
    Dare you venture in?

    Posted on April, 30th, 12:00 PM NST

    Scheduled Server Maintenance

    We'll be having scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, May 2nd starting at approximately 1:00 PM NST! During this time you can expect the site to be offline while we work to migrate to a new upgraded server! We'll also be making a few changes on the back-end to SDB items. A full list of your items will be logged prior to the maintenance so fret not! Should we run into any issues we'll have a complete record of your deposit box contents. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

    Find our updates on this through our discord or keep checking back to this page.

    Of note, our applications close May 1st. Please check our discord for updates.

    Posted on April, 28th, 12:00 PM NST

    Tickets and Cheese!

    It's time to roll some cheese with Cheese Roller! Be sure to pick up a cheese first though.

    If you manage to roll fast enough, you might get on to the High-Score Table!

    Craving some entertainment? The Tyrannian Concert Hall is now open!

    Of course, you'll need a ticket first to get in.
    Of note, our neopets classic concerts have been converted to be more sensory-friendly without the excessive flashing lights from the 00's.

    You might even get some free merch with your concert attendance.

    Posted on April, 27th, 12:00 PM NST

    Cybunny Day! And new content.
    You can create cybunnies today from create-a-pet if you're quick enough to nab one!

    We have our first copper non-retro pet, the copper cybunny!

    And we have three lovely retro bunnies waiting to be yours, Retro Faerie Cybunny, Gold, and Silver!!

    We have a new game in, Kiss-the-Mortog!

    Try your luck picking the correct morthog, but if you lose, they explode!!

    Posted on April, 24th, 12:00 PM NST

    Kougra Day and some Lutra petpets!

    Strawberry and Speckled Kougras

    Retro Kougras in Skunk and White:

    Some cute new npc specific Kougra items:

    And the ever adorable Lutra as a follow up from Lutari day.

    Posted on April, 19th, 7:00 PM NST

    Lutari Day
    Lutari's have been released from "Create-A-Pet" throughout the day today! Be sure to snag one of these cuties!

    Six lutari colors this year to help fill out the rainbow pool!

    Speaking of the rainbow pool, you are now able to view all poses of each pet's art by clicking on them!
    Check it out by clicking on the Angel Lutari here!

    Patch notes:
  • The Inconspicuous Switch has been added back to the Petpet Lab.
  • Pinatas are functional again.
  • Faerie quest rewards have been adjusted to match retail.
  • Shop sales history is showing in the correct order once again.
  • You'll no longer see an error when pricing your shop if an item sells out before you submit.
  • Glass Bottom Boat Tour page has been fixed
  • Enabled PIN protection at: pet abandon, pet transfer, gallery item removal, petpet detachment, Grinder coffer, and shop till.
  • You can now view a pet's pose set by clicking on them at the Rainbow Pool

  • Posted on April, 16th, 12:00 PM NST

    Krawk Day and a new feature:
    Angel krawk and Glowing Krawk are now paintable, and the new Glowing Krawk petpet can grow up into it's adult form too.

    A Mysterious Symol Hole has been dug in Meridell....

    Posted on April, 14nd, 12:00 PM NST

    Grey... day....
    I guess we can give you the updates for this really depressing day...

    Some sad little friends have joined their pet companions at the petpet puddle.

    These things sure look depressed, for items...

    Posted on April, 12th, 6:00 PM NST

    Is it a Gambling kinda update?

    Pay Count von Roo a visit at midnight NST to play Deadly Dice!
    Bet with your pet's level!

    Or try your luck at Double or Nothing!

    If it's heads you double your cash, and you can keep going as many times as you want. If it's tails then Skeith Snargan keeps yer cash!

    Posted on April, 2nd, 6:00 PM NST

    Shoyru Day!
    We've got a pretty cool way to celebrate this shoyru day! If you've got access to the dangerous Secret Lab Ray, you might find your shoyru can be really chill!

    There's some new shoyru specific items in game as well!

    Posted on April, 2nd, 3:00 PM NST

    April Fool's Day Clean Up

    The mad scientest is finally done tinkering and has fixed his machine...
    but now you have to clean up his mess? That's just terrible!
    Visit the Secret Lab Broom Cupboard and sweep up your soots! I mean pets!
    If you want to, that is... maybe you like your pile of soot better than your pet....???

    Posted on April, 2nd, 1:00 AM NST

    New Feature, Pet belongings!!

    You can now let your pet hold items!
    Find this new feature from quick ref, right under your pet's stats Here.

    You'll want to have the desired items in your inventory to add them.
    You can change the collection name to whatever you like that is appropriate!

    Each pet starts with 5 belongings slots, and you can expand them buy using an inventory token.
    Take a look at the example one here.

    Posted on April, 1st, 6:00 PM NST

    April Fool's Day

    Uhoh! Looks like the mad scientest has broke his lab ray and it's seemingly misfiring all across Neopia!
    Hopefully your pets aren't in the line of fire but if something is to happen just remain calm and be sure to grab a broom to sweep them up!

    In patch notes, we have tons of updates:
  • Snow Faerie & Professor quests have been fixed! They now have a chance of giving you an item off of their 'Rare Drop Table', and their NP rewards have been boosted.
  • All quests now only ask for items that are guaranteed to stock in shops
  • 'Identical to my phrase' is selected by default when using search helper icons.
  • Gallery searching works again, & more categories and category gourmet checker are added to Collection Log.
  • Pirate and Island training now have the chance to offer a 1 to 6 stat bonus upon course completion.
  • Books now have a small chance of not vanishing when read.
  • Side accounts link to your userlookup again at preferences. Non-Binary UL selection appears correctly again.
  • Illusen/Jhudora now correctly redirect you to the turn in page if you're currently on a quest.
  • Added Back buttons to scratchcard kiosk, and display issues for Firefox users have been fixed.
  • Techo Mountain page has been fixed.
  • Turmaculus error has been fixed and other small 500 errors have been fixed.
  • Retro pets now display correctly at the Wheel of Knowledge.
  • Zombie/Usuki/Celebration/Stealthy Petpet Paintbrushes are now properly usable at the Petpet Puddle

  • Posted on March, 22, 10:00 PM NST

    Chomby day!

    Strawberry Chomby by guest artist AshleyMarie is perfect for the upcoming spring and the Sponge Chomby by art team is now here to soak up your time!

    Posted on March, 20, 12:00 AM NST

    Scorchio day!

    Stone and Valentines scorchios are here for you to paint!

    Posted on March, 18, 10:00 PM NST

    A very strange lever of Doom is sticking out of the wall in the space station...
    It specifically says do not pull... I wonder if you should pull it?

    Posted on March, 17, 11:00 PM NST

    Illusen's Day

    The Illusen's Glade is in Meridell now, and Illusen needs help with retrieving items. Be warned, if you've helped Jhudora recently, she won't be happy with you.

    If you've done well, you might get a trophy or an avatar.

    Posted on March, 16, 10:00 PM NST

    The Wise King Hagan has arrived and is seeking truths and wisdom!

    Tell him something he doesn't know and you might get a trophy or a newly available avatar.

    Posted on March, 16, 10:00 PM NST

    The king of all petpets has been spotted sleeping in Meridell... can your petpet wake him up??

    Turmaculus sleeps!
    Take your petpet to see if you can wake him... but at what cost?

    Posted on March, 16, 6:00 AM NST

    A dark faerie appears and is in need of assistance, should you help her?

    Jhudora's Bluff awaits you!
    If you're really helpful, you might even get a trophy.

    Posted on March, 14, 6:00 AM NST


    Agueena Chia and Citron Chia have sprouted up for this year's Gadgadsbogen celebration!

    If you're diligent, you might be able to spot some of these Chia Jr's out and about!

    Posted on March, 13, 12:00 AM NST

    The Grumpy Old King has arrived and he is not happy! Why don't you try cheering him up? You can get a trophy or one of the newly available avatars if your joke makes him laugh!

    If you need something refreshing, stop by the Achyfi Machine and put in 500NP to see what comes out!

    Posted on March 9th, 2023, 6:30 AM NST

    Patch notes and game play changes!
    Here's what has been updated:

  • All clickable and pet avatars are unlockable again.
  • Kadoatery issues have been resolved and both Kadoatery avatars are available again.
  • The Neggery and Tarla are functional again.
  • Donny can once again repair bags of broken neopoints.
  • Deluxe Kiko Pride Gift Bag prize pool has been corrected.
  • Wheel of Misfortune error fixed.
  • Fishing level has been added back to QuickRef.
  • Acara Transmogrification Potion is now usable.
  • Mystery Island Training now follows proper level restrictions.
  • Kadoatie gold/pink trophy no longer duplicates.
  • Gardening unlock quest is now functional again in preparation for the gardening overhaul.
  • Dailies are dropping gardening seeds again.
  • Shenkuu Lunar New Year Packets and Valentines are no longer dropping, Uni Celebration bags are dropping!
  • TDMBGPOP avatar has been added.

  • Posted on March, 6, 12:00 AM NST

    Gelert day!

    Chocolate Gelert will melt your heart, and Retro Faerie Gelert will fly away with you!

    Posted on March, 3, 3:00 AM NST

    Uni day is here!

    Custard Uni and Silver Uni are here!

    New retro uni colors are available as well!

    Some precious plushies are now stocking in the plushie stores and these exciting Uni Celebration gift bags are now dropping and are full of fun surprises.

    Posted on March 1, 2023, 5:00 AM NST

    Applications are now open! Apply Here.

    Also, some bug patch notes:
  • SDB withdrawal of multiple items has been fixed.
  • Wheel of Misfortune is re-enabled.
  • If you have the daily lever, using it now shows your remaining pulls available.
  • 48hr auctions now correctly show the remaining time.
  • Collection Log and Fungus Cave are clickable on the map again.
  • Grooming items are usable again.

  • Posted on Feb 23, 2023, 5:00 AM NST

    Tonu and Mynci Days (combined!)
    Find a Polkadot Paint Brush and you can have one of these cuties!

    Some new books and items for both pet species have been released as well.

    Posted on Feb 20, 2023, 6:00 PM NST

    Chia Day!

    Coconut chia and it's .... malevolent sentient coconut chia relative have arrived to keep things heating up around Neopia. You can get the coconut chia with its new pop, and you can zap MSCC with the lab ray!

    Strawberry, tchia chia, and Ummagine chia are fresh from the garden!
    Dev team is currently troubleshooting the random site outages that have occurred in the last 48 hours - thanks for your patience!
    Some patch notes:
  • Abandoning your pet now take multiple clicks again.
  • Petpet puddle/next buttons for it are fixed.
  • The Trading Post rarity displays are back.
  • Collection log greyscale images for gallery are fixed.
  • Mystery island training school should reflect the appropriate codestones now.
  • Roo Island and Maraquan petpet links, as well as some typos have been corrected.
  • Secret Laboratory Map and Petpet lab map unlocks and displays correctly again
  • Spooky, Original, and Underwater maps turn in's now include higher rarity and retired gift bag prize table!

  • Posted on Feb 16, 2023, 6:30 PM NST

    Game play updates!

    Some additions to our activities sidebar have been made.

    We have lots of new updates to some of our on-site features, which can be found at site preferences.

    Be sure to toggle on some (or all!) of the following features:
  • Marketplace Organization Links
  • Deposit Box Organization Links
  • Inventory Organization Links
  • Activities Manager
  • Shop Sortting
  • Search Helper
  • Search Helper In Shops

  • Posted on Feb 16, 2023, 5:00 PM NST

    Lost Desert Scratch Cards and The Discarded Magical Blue Grundo Plushie of Prosperity have arrived!

    These lovely cards do share a cooldown with your other cards, so chose wisely!

    TDMBGPoP is here, maybe you should pay him a visit.

    Lots and lots of bugs have been squashed, so now we have some fun new content! Be sure to check out the patch notes channel in our discord for the updates!

    Posted on Feb 14, 2023, 11:00 PM NST

    Valentines Day Celebrations!
    Valentine's Peophin is here to swim to your heart!
    The Valentine Cybunny makeover is enough to keep you hopping for one!
    Polkadot Aisha, Retro Faerie Acara, and Retro Faerie Lenny are enough to make your heart take flight!

    Be sure to do a hard refresh (control + shift + r) to see the cybunny art style update quickest!

    We have some new valentines themed petpets now available to paint!

    Thanks to guest artist Fearow for their Valentine Meowclops collab with Art Team!

    And a lovely new plantplant, I mean petpet! Is now available, and has some fun paintable colours.

    Some cute collectors items for the celebration:

    For the next 24 hours the drop rate for Valentine's cards have been quadrupled!!! We've also added the ability for the cards to become a special version when traded through the Trading Post so be sure to swap cards with your friends to maximize the love!!!

    Posted on Feb 13, 2023, 11:00 PM NST

    You can now feed your pets at the Soup Kitchen if you don't have many NeoPoints. Apparently if you're quite generous you may be let in regardless but the jury's still out on that one!

    Posted on Feb 13, 2023, 9:00 PM NST

    It's Lenny day!
    Jelly and Stone lenny are now available, as well as some super soft and squishable plushies. Thanks to guest artist Fearow for the plushie style lenny plushie art.

    Some patch notes:
  • Dice-a-Roo Hi-Scores and Tax beast high scores are re-enabled.
  • The toggles for Inventory Sorting and Shop Sorting can be enabled in user preferences.
  • The Trading Post displays the age of lots (and your own!) so long as you have the toggle enabled!
  • Trading Post Lots that have reached 14 days of age will now automatically be removed
  • The Pronoun Pins are able to be added to your user lookup and are now spawning in the Craft Stall!
  • Quick Stock has improved performance, now loading times are much quicker!
  • Fixed a bug where User Shop item removed quanities reflect accurate to the search wizard.
  • Fixed a bug where the Esophagor wouldn't show the prize you received.
  • The Esophagor has stopped awarding event candies as the event is over.

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