Kiko Lake - Glossary

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A general glossary of words, abbreviations, and acronyms from across Neopia

Common Terms

UFT - Up for Trade
RF - Refresh (Almost always in reference to Random Events)
RE - Random Event
RS - Restock (Buy items from Neopets shops)
Boochi - Often seen as 'Get Boochi' or 'Get Hit by Boochi.' He appears in random events and has a chance to zap your active pet Baby.
RW - Real Word
RN - Real Name
Token - A variety of items used to expand account capabilities. See our Tokens Guide for more!
SLM - Secret Lab Map
WOE/WoE - Wheel of Excitement
WOK/WoK - Wheel of Knowledge
BV - Brightvale (Usually in reference to Brightvale Job Coupons)
DM/PM - Message a user on Discord
NM - Neomail a user on-site
Retail - Original Neopets
Classic - Neopets Classic specific
Pure - NP (neopoints)
ETS - Easy to sell, generally items like paintbrushes, codestones
PB/PPPB - Paintbrush, Petpet Paintbrush
Purge - When pets get released to the pound and are available to anyone. It happens on occasion, and are typically pets from frozen users due to cheating.