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Misc. Information

Additional information Unique to NPC can be found here.

The Old Rusty Lever

It is rumored that some time ago, Neopia as we know it went through a time warp... When it came back, the Professor and his time machine landed in Tyrannia. On the back of the time machine there appears an Old Rusty Lever...

Can you pull it? Will it budge?

If your account was made May 1st, 2023 or later... the rusty lever won't budge.

If your account was made from Nov. 2022 to the end of April 2023, you will have access to a total of 10 lever pulls.

The rusty lever will break permantely on March 1st, 2024!
You must use your pulls before then or they will be lost forever!!

However, if your account experienced the time warp in late 2022, the rusty lever can be pulled a total of 175 times, with a maxiumum of ten pulls per day! Use them wisely. These are to make up for the total lost daily time during the time warp.
This lever is VERY powerful and resets most of your daily actitivies (the ones that were available before the blip).... it also drops 10 random foods, they're probably safe to eat... right?.

Pet Beloved Belongings

Here at NPC our pets are able to allocate 5 items that they enjoy on their pet lookup!
As a default, you can store 5 items on each pet. If your pet would like more than 5 items, you can expand your pet's belongings by using an Inventory Token and it will grant your pet another row (5 slots) of items. Currently there is no maximum on what a pet can carry!
To set your pet's belongings, have your pet's items in your inventory and visit the quickref page. Below a pet's stats, and above their petpet you will find a link to Belongings.
Be sure to click where it says "You can give an item to your pet to add to their belongings by clicking here!" and select your pet's items.
Naming the pet's belongings can be fun too, take a look at this pet's collection.
Here's the example pet with his Ham Collection

Grundo's Grinder

The Grundo's Garbage Grinder is currently undergoing a value revamp, but is still available in it's current state. You'll want to find four unique parchments from doing daily activities and take them to the space station, where you can turn them in to unlock the Garbage Grinder.
The grinder allows you to recycle your junk items, like from fishing, for Recycle Points (RP). The RP can then be redeem for rotating items from the prize warehouse.

Your RP are tradeable as well, you can withdraw them in the form of .... bottlecaps?... erm, coins.

The Craft Stall

This fun little kiosk is unique to NPC. You can find it on neopia central.

Each user has a unique craft stall that restocks every 10 minutes. There are some hours where it will restock from the top of the hour to the 30min mark (XX:00-XX:30). It also randomly will close for taking stock.
Since stock is unique, you don't compete with other users for restocks, and everyone has differing inventory from the current vendor. Typically the craft stall is seasonal. Pride items and boba tea have inhabited the craft stall recently.

The Collection Log

This log shows a vast inventory! It compares your items to what is available on NPC. It is unique to NPC. You can locate it in the top corner of neopia central. You can also find it on your inventory text bar in plain text.

If you're an avid collector wondering what you've acquired throughout your travels then look no further! The Collection Log can show you which of the items that are currently available you've obtained and any location you might have one of those items tucked away!
There are also... Checklists!!

  • Show remaining books by pets
  • Show remaining booktastic books by pets
  • Show remaining gourmet foods by pets