Kiko Lake - Newbie Guide

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Welcome to Neopets Classic!

Neopets Classic (also known as NPC) strives to give users the experience of retail from the years 2000-2007! The core concept of the game is quite similar, but there are a few quality of life enhancements, updates, and unique features added. This guide strives to highlight them all for you, as well as making starting out a little less daunting. Now, let's dive right in!

Getting Started

After your account has been created, you're going to want to create your first Neopet! Neopets are probably the main reason you're here, after all!

There are plenty of Neopets to choose from and most are available for creation at any time - with the exception of Limited Edition and Restricted breeds.

There are two ways to obtain your very own Neopet!
  • Create a brand new pet on the Create-A-Pet page
  • Adopt an already existing pet at the Neopian Pound

  • Limited Edition pets are released in small batches at random throughout their respective pet days.

    Restricted pets are never released via create a pet*, but must be obtained in unique ways - such as the use of a morphing potion, hatching a Draik egg into a Draik, or growing up a petpet Krawk into an adult Krawk neopet!

    *NOTE: Lutari are a restricted breed released once per year on their Pet Day, as there are no Lutari MPs.

    Create a Neopet

    If you would like to create a Neopet, head on over to the Create-A-Pet page. Click View All Neopets! to choose your first pet. All users start with 4 pet slots, meaning you can own a maximum of 4 Neopets while starting out.
    Pet Token

    As you progress through the site, you may just stumble upon a Pet Token! This token adds an additional pet slot to your account. As long as you have the slots, there are no limits to how many pets you could own.

    While you create your first Neopet, please note the following:

  • All names are unique. This means that you cannot create a name which already exists
  • You can only use alphanumeric characters in their name (all letters from A-Z, all numbers from 0-9, underscores _, and hyphens -)
  • There are additional default gender options (None, Non-binary, and Other)
  • If you would like to change your pet's gender later, there is an item called Gender Fluid which just might help!
  • While some adult language is allowed on NPC, please be mindful to not create a name which could upset another user. Please refer to the Site Rules for more information

  • Adopt a Neopet

    If you are a kind-hearted soul who is searching for the perfect addition to your Neofamily, then the Neopian Pound is for you! You can adopt, pound, or transfer pets here.

    To adopt a Neopet, simply click on the Pink Uni. There, you can browse all of the available pets waiting for a new owner.

    To abandon a Neopet, click on the Yellow Techo. (But there's no need to do that!)

    Do you want to give away your Neopet but do not want to leave it in that dingy pound? If you have already found a new owner for your Neopet, then the transfer page is for you. This is the best and most risk-free method to ensure Neopets you are moving end up where you want them to go!

    Optimize NPC for you!

  • Join the official NPC Discord- requires verification for full access
  • Bookmark Kikolake as your offical companion site
  • Set up your site preferences - turn on the Activites Manager and Search Helper (shown below)
  • Set the map to HTML for the easiest to navigate neopian maps. Click the blue zafara icon beneath the map here

  • You can set your own favorite quicklinks to shops using the shop ID's listed below, and by typing them into the "Activities Manager Shop Sort". Be sure there are no spaces between the numbers, only commas.

  • Shop ID: #1 Kauvara's Magic Shop
    Shop ID: #2 Neopian Fresh Foods
    Shop ID: #3 Magical Bookshop
    Shop ID: #4 The Neopian Petpet Shop
    Shop ID: #5 Slushie Shop
    Shop ID: #6 Tropical Food Shop
    Shop ID: #7 Island Tack
    Shop ID: #8 The Rock Pool
    Shop ID: #9 Faerieland Petpets
    Shop ID: #10 Spooky Petpets
    Shop ID: #11 Tyrannian Petpets
    Shop ID: #12 Tyrannian Foods
    Shop ID: #13 Faerieland Bookshop
    Shop ID: #14 Faerie Foods
    Shop ID: #15 Plushie Palace
    Shop ID: #16 Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop
    Shop ID: #17 Wintery Petpets
    Shop ID: #18 The Bakery
    Shop ID: #19 Merifoods
    Shop ID: #20 Ye Olde Petpets
    Shop ID: #21 Spooky Food
    Shop ID: #22 Peopatra's Petpets
    Shop ID: #23 Lost Desert Foods
    Shop ID: #24 Grooming Parlour
    Shop ID: #25 Uni's Clothing Shop
    Shop ID: #26 Kiko Lake Treats
    Shop ID: #27 Kiko Lake Carpentry
    Shop ID: #28 Booktastic Books
    Shop ID: #29 Neopian Post Office
    Shop ID: #30 Toy Shop
    Shop ID: #31 (shop is currently closed)
    Shop ID: #32 Neopian Garden Center
    Shop ID: #33 Chocolate Factory
    Shop ID: #34 Usukiland
    Shop ID: #35 Jelly Foods
    Shop ID: #36 Hubert's Hot Dogs
    Shop ID: #37 The Coffee Cave
    Shop ID: #38 Maraquan Petpets
    Shop ID: #39 The Robo-Petpet Shop
    Shop ID: #40 Collectable Coins
    Shop ID: #41 Cafe Kreludor
    Shop ID: #42 Neopian Pharmacy
    Shop ID: #43 Sutek's Scrolls
    Shop ID: #44 Osiri's Pottery
    Shop ID: #45 Sakhmet Battle Supplies
    Shop ID: #46 Lost Desert Medicine
    Shop ID: #47 Words of Antiquity
    Shop ID: #48 Finest Qasalan Foods
    Shop ID: #49 Desert Arms
    Shop ID: #50 Maractite Marvels
    Shop ID: #51 Collectable Sea Shells
    Shop ID: #52 Spooky Furniture
    Shop ID: #53 Haunted Weaponry
    Shop ID: #54 Tyrannian Furniture
    Shop ID: #55 Faerie Weapon Shop
    Shop ID: #56 Faerie Furniture
    Shop ID: #57 Kreludan Homes
    Shop ID: #58 Ice Crystal Shop
    Shop ID: #59 Brightvale Books
    Shop ID: #60 Neopian Health Foods
    Shop ID: #61 Petpet Supplies
    Shop ID: #62 Collectable Card Shop
    Shop ID: #63 Neopian Furniture
    Shop ID: #64 The Smoothie Store
    Shop ID: #65 Battle Magic Shop
    Shop ID: #66 The Neopian Gift Shop
    Shop ID: #67 Defence Magic Shop
    Shop ID: #68 Pizzaroo
    Shop ID: #69 Neopian School Supplies
    Shop ID: #70 Neopian Music Shop
    Shop ID: #71 Vacant Shopfront
    Shop ID: #74 Darigan Toys
    Shop ID: #75 Exquisite Ambrosia
    Shop ID: #76 Magical Marvels
    Shop ID: #77 Legendary Petpets
    Shop ID: #78 Brightvale Glaziers
    Shop ID: #79 Tyrannian Weaponry

  • Turn on your inventory bar options with "Display Pouch Bar".

    Try to fish up the fishing bucket and get the kad sack from feeding lots of kads!

  • Turn on your search helper and set the preferences to your liking!

  • The search helper will add quick links for searching items around various areas of the site. The default settings are auto links to search for the item in the shop wiz, your SDB, the auction house, and the trading post.
    Most players will tick the settings box to navigate to their own shop instead of the auction house, which will let you instant search your shop stock for the item you are seeking.

    Making Neopoints

    Now that you have a new forever friend, it's time to start playing!

    Go to your inventory to redeem your Newbie Pack! These contain some NPs, items, and two random starter paint brushes. Keep these starter brushes and redeem them for NPs at the Faerieland Employment Agency.
    Be sure to check out the Faerieland Employment Agency and do a total of 10 jobs per day. The list of available jobs changes every 10 minutes.
    Feeling overwhelmed? No worries! We have a guide for that!
    Opening a user shop is the simplest way to turn a profit. You can make great money by reselling spooky foods for esophagor quests in your usershop. Tyrannian foods, and faerie foods, plushies,and grooming items sell well too and are used for job items.
    The Time Machine Quests are a good source of income! Try restocking the items from Tyrannian Foods for these quests. You can complete up to 10 of these quests per day. There is no penalty for failing a quest from the professor either!
    Be sure to complete all of your dailies for the chance to win some great items, prizes, or maybe even a big jackpot if you're lucky!
    The Games Room has a full collection of original Neopets flash games - ready to play in any browser! True to neopets, you can submit 3 scores every day for NP and high scores trophies! Some games are not yet compatible with mobile, sorry!
    The Snow Faerie's Quest is also a good source of income! Try not to overspend on what she asks for. She will usually ask for items that stock in the Chocolate Shop, Bakery, Neopian Fresh Foods, and the Slushie Shop. You can complete up to 10 of these quests per day. Don't worry if you happen to fail a quest, it will not count toward your daily total.
    Underwater Fishing is another activity you won't want to miss. You are able to go fishing with every Neopet that you own. Only the first 4 fishes of the day will be able to grant Paint Brushes, Petpet Paint Brushes and Transmogrification Potions, but all pets have a chance to catch something valuable.
    Feel like trying your luck? Give Dice-A-Roo a try! Not only can you possibly win big by hitting the jackpot, this game is a good way to get some food items for your pets or for using to complete quests.
    Remember to refresh every 7.5 minutes for a chance of a Random Event. Many users refresh at the Money Tree as there is a chance you could find trash er, I mean treasure!
    Restocking is a slightly more advanced method of earning NP. The basic premise of RSing is to buy a sought-after item from a shop, and resell it on the TP. For example, you may restock a Krawk from Tyrannian Petpets and sell it for millions! Ugga ugga!

    What's next?

    Now that you know the basics, it's time to get exploring.

    Maybe you want to pick out some dream colors to paint your pet, or organize how your pets appear on your userlookup? Or maybe you would like to create a shop or gallery, and stock them with cute items!

    From the dreamy clouds of Faerieland to the endless depths of Maraqua, Neopets Classic is yours to explore.

    Jump on in!